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Posted on February 19, 2021

By Unified Pharma

Campaign Overview

Reducing Avoidable Hospital Readmissions

To alleviate the burden readmissions place on patients and their families and allow them the comfort and well being of staying in their own beds, the RARE Campaign engaged hospitals and care providers across the continuum of care with the goal to collectively prevent 4,000 avoidable hospital readmissions across Minnesota by December 31, 2012.

The RARE Campaign exceeded its goals! Minnesota collectively prevented 7,975 readmissions and helped patients spend 31,900 nights at home instead of in the hospital. In the last quarter of 2013, Minnesota hospitals reached a collective reduction in readmissions of 19 percent.

Participating hospitals continue working to reduce their own readmission rates by 20%, from the 2009 baseline, as measured by the Minnesota Hospital Association using Potentially Preventable Readmissions (PPR) software from 3M.

With the average hospital stay of four days, achieving this goal will help 6,000 Minnesotans enjoy 24,000 nights of sleep in their own beds instead of unnecessarily in the hospital. In addition to improving the patient experience and the health of Minnesotans, the campaign has the potential to save tens of millions of dollars, making health care more affordable—achieving the Triple Aim.

Triple Aim Campaign Goals Exceeded

The challenges of a fragmented care delivery system require a statewide, concerted effort to achieve the Triple Aim of improving population health, the experience of care, and the affordability of care.

6,000 avoidable hospital readmissions
24,000 nights sleep in their own beds
Tens of millions of dollars saved

The campaign recognizes that avoidable hospital readmissions are the result of a fragmented health care system. The campaign as recruited hospitals which are engaging other groups in the care continuum that contribute to avoidable readmissions. The campaign seeks commitment from all hospitals in Minnesota. Those hospitals participating in RARE account for more than 80% of the annual hospital readmissions. Participating hospitals commit to meet aggressive but realistic goals, and partner with care delivery organizations to achieve them. Participating hospitals receive support to implement the interventions most likely to accelerate their work and achieve success.

Statewide Collaboration

As Operating Partners, the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI), the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) and Stratis Health manage the operational aspects of the campaign, secure broad stakeholder involvement and collaboration, and keep the campaign moving at an accelerated pace. The campaign was supported by a broad and growing base of stakeholders in the Minnesota health care community.

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5 Key Areas Known to Reduce Avoidable Readmissions

The RARE Campaign builds upon and expands work that has been going on for several years by many hospitals, medical groups, health plans and the Operating, Supporting and Community Partners. The campaign will focus on five key areas that, if not managed well, are known to be main contributors to avoidable hospital readmissions:

  1. Comprehensive discharge planning
  2. Medication management
  3. Patient and family engagement
  4. Transition care support
  5. Transition communications

Attendees at the final RARE Action Learning Day celebrate the success of 31,900 nights at home instead of in the hospital (June 17, 2014).

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