Campaign Partners

Statewide Collaboration

The RARE Campaign is supported by a broad and growing base of stakeholders in the Minnesota health care community. Its goal is to engage hospitals and care providers across the continuum of care in order to prevent 4,000 avoidable hospital readmissions in the state and surrounding areas between July 1, 2011 and December 31, 2012.

As a health care community that is deeply committed to its patients and prides itself in being at the forefront of quality improvement, it is our responsibility to reduce avoidable readmissions in Minnesota. We can accomplish this by better coordinating patient care across our fragmented health care system.

The RARE Campaign is one of the largest coordinated improvement initiatives undertaken by the Minnesota health care community. We are confident we can attain our aggressive goals because of our community’s dedication to patient health and our known willingness to collaborate. The needs of our patients and the challenges facing health care require this statewide concerted effort.

Operating Partners

Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI), the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA), and Stratis Health are leading the campaign as Operating Partners to manage the operational aspects of the campaign, secure broad stakeholder involvement and collaboration, and keep the campaign moving at an accelerated pace. These three organizations are providing the majority of the staffing and the resources for project management, program design and implementation, communications and data analysis.

Community Partners

A broad and expanding base of Community Partners that includes providers, health plans, state health agencies, home health agencies, nursing homes, patient advocacy groups and other community groups is also endorsing and actively supporting the campaign. Community Partners can include professional associations, payers, and provider, community and patient organizations. Community Partners encourage broad participation of their members/constituents to help reduce avoidable hospital readmissions in our region, agree to be listed publicly as a Community Partner in support of the campaign and provide input and support to topics related to avoidable readmissions that align with the mission of their organization as appropriate.

Supporting Partners

In addition to the three Operating Partners, Supporting Partners are providing significant resources and support to develop and implement specific aspects of the campaign. They include:

  • Minnesota Medical Association
  • MN Community Measurement
  • VHA Upper Midwest